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4-way dimming of stepless


  • Features :
    • 4-way dimming of stepless incandescent lamp or motor speed regulation;
    • Capable of manual and central control or simultaneous dimming through computer software;
    • ID options : the ID cut over-capacity of the network ID code
    • For electricity : 24VDC power supply network
    • Control methods : through a network of independent control
    • agreement
    • ID options : the ID cut over-capacity of the network ID code
    • Range of application:AKCC,CREATOR and other central control systems or computer software control;
    • Applicable to high-grade conference center, multifunctional hall, training center, multimedia classroom

    Main parameter:

    • 4-way stepless dimming;
    • Requirement of input power: AC220V 50Hz;
    • Rated power: 4800W;
    • Standard RS232/RS485 control protocol;
    • Machine size: 260L x 150W x 80H (MM) ;
    • Installing dimension: 272x160mm

    (Note : product specifications to the physical characteristics of date)

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