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Products introduced
AST-6900 touching screen
  • Functional features :
    • High-grade wireless color touch screen;
    • To facilitate the preparation and control of dynamic multilingual picture
    • download images and information;
    • Using wireless / wired two-way communications equipment and
    • control methods may networking;
    • Screen-colored forms, as a wide perspective;
    • Since learning of infrared function infrared remote control device
    • directly to equipment control orders;
    • High-quality, mass-produced, high compatibility and stability, a higher
    • Xingjiabi;

    Technical indicators :

    • Type : 256-color passive matrix LCD screen attached;
    • Visual size : 5.7 inches /14.5CM diagonal;
    • Resolution : 320 x 240 pixels;
    • Lighting / contrast gradient : Figures may increase brightness and
    • contrast gradient;
    • Procedures transmission : RS-232 agreement with original
    • transmission lines;
    • Visual perspective : offer;
    • Access : 8M;
    • Controlled manner : two-way RF wireless RF (418MHz)
    • Wireless distance : visual distance of 50 metres;
    • Infrared : Since learning function, a carrier identification function
    • Power : 12V, the biggest power 5W;
    • Charging batteries : high-energy lithium call to work for eight hours,
    • took chargers

    Power scope :

    • DC:12V

    Whole sets of size

    • 220 (long) x 1.5 (width) x 85 (high) mm
    (Note : product specifications to the physical characteristics of date)


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