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Features :

As user requires, select equipment models formed by 16-way computer signal input and 2/4/8/16-way computer signal output (optional: computer stereo frequency switching card);
Adopt highly reliable and intelligent RGB processor. Fault-tolerant technique used in the design can automatically judge fault points and activate stand by circuit; with communication interface circuit of highly anti-jamming capability, to ensure reliable signals and communication;
With memory function of context switching in case of power failure; LCD display of information switching; synchronization or separate switching of RGB signal and computer audio frequency;
2-way RS232 communication interface, supporting simultaneous or concatenation control over computer and central control system;
With switching function of equipment panel, capable of cooperating with the infrared remote controller, to conduct switching of infrared remote control;
Compatible to diversified central control systems (like AKCC, CRESTRON and AMX) for the convenience of centralized management;

This highly intelligent matrix switch equipment is designed especially for the display swapping of computer display signal and high-resolution RGB image signal. It's used to pick up and deliver diversified RGB signals from input channel to any output channel. Applicable to large-screen projection display project, multifunctional hall, combat command center, multimedia conference center, etc.

High quality, mass production, high stability and compatibility,

high performance/price ratio.

  • Main parameter:
    Audio Frequency:
    Frequency response: 20Hz-20 kHz + 1/-3dB
    Stereo channel separation: >80dB@1kHz
    Common mode rejection ratio: >75dB@20Hz-20KHz
    Gain error: ±0.1dB

    Bandwidth: 350MHz
    interruption of brightness chroma: -50dB@5MHz
    Differential phase I/OS: <1.28°, 3.58MHz
    Differential gain error: 0.1%, 3.58-4.43MHz
    Isolation (crosstalk): < -85db (5MHz)
    Nonlinear distortion: <0.02%/0.02 (RL=150Q)
    Resolution supported: 1600X1200
    I/O interface: HD15PIN (VGA)

    Overall Data:
    Installing dimension: standard 19-inch machine cabinet;
    Scope of power supply: AC, 180-250V;
    30,000 hours at an average interval

  • Standard RS232/485 control protocol

  • (Note : product specifications to the physical characteristics of date)
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