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Desicription:The high performance AV matrix switcher have the supreme functions of memory proof, audio visual source switching synchronously or separately, LCD displayer and RS232 remote control. It can be typical applied in any display system in demonstration room, lecture hall or command center.

Features :

  • 16-way audio & video signals input, then audio & video signals 4/8/16 matrix output.
  • 16 series AV audio & video switcher is a intelligent matrix equipment specifically designed for switching TV, AV signals, to be used in either channel of various audio & video output signals, this series access the wide range of large-screen projection shows engineering, electronic teaching, command control centers, multimedia conference rooms.
  • This product is a high-reliability equipment, in design, adopts fault-correcting technology, self-diagnostic points, opening standby circuit, and introduction of high-capacity communications interference interface circuits ensuring  of communication reliability. Infrared remote control and RS232 communication functions make users friendly complete the signal switching operation during the demonstration.
  • This product with functions such as power-off memory protection,audio or video synchronized separation switching, with RS232 communications interface that can facilitate with computers, remote control systems or various remote control equipment (such as AKCC Crestron, AMX control system).
  • High-quality, mass-produced, high compatibility and stability, higher price ratio.

Bandwidth : 30MHz(-3dB), up to 720 video
Disturbing: -50dB@5Mhz,
Differential phase error: 0.02%, 3.58-4.43 MHz
Differential gain error: 0.02 , 3.58-4.43 MHz
Switching delay: 5nS (+/- 1nS)
Switching time: 200nS (max)
Video Input Signal:
Signal type: 16 video signal
Connector type: BNC connector
Minimum input levels: 0.5 Vp-p
Maximum input levels: 2.0 Vp-p
I/O impedance: 75
Return Loss: -30dB@5MHz
Maximum DC offset: 1.5V
Synchronization phase locking 0.3V-0.4Vp-p

  • (Note:Product specifications to the physical prevail.)

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